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Being Web Wise

The Internet is a big place; It can be a scary place too. That said, there is a lot of good that takes place on the Internet. Blogs can be great tools, site like and Geni bring families and people together. Social media sites also bridge gaps and dissolve physical distances and borders, sometimes.
So, [...]

Principle of Reciprocity

Marketers and wise PR professionals often extend offers to consumers and audiences to gain their ends, this is known as reciprocity. It makes a ton of sense, I give you something of value to you and you give me something of value to me.
Google offers personalization and various services like Gmail, Google Apps, in the [...]


Interesting opinion article on Newsvine about the possibilities between Apple and Google now that Eric Schmidt is on the Apple board. I wonder if it will affect their prices at all–maybe that is where Google thinking needs to be infused!
Read the article here

The Beast Awakens!

According to Business Week Google is coming out of its slumber to fight for the consumers once again. Google today announced that they will be bundling some of their popular Web-based applications like e-mail, instant messaging, Internet phone calling, schedule management and Web site creation tools–all for consumers. The media is reporting that this is [...]

Props to Russell Page, our in-house Google Expert

I have to tip my hat to Russell Page, a blogroll member on my site, co-worker and friend of more than half a decade.
Russ is our in-house expert when it comes to many of today’s social media tactics and Web 2.0 stuff. Bob Mimms quotes Russ Page in his Google Trends article; the article appeared [...]

Google wants to take its ball and go home!

Steve Rubel makes an interesting comment here about Google and its apparent desire not to become too well-known (wink, wink)!

The only benefit of fighting to retain a name, in my opinion, is the trademark value of the name. Much like Kleenex represents anything tissue and has probably lost its trademark protection, the word Google has [...]