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PR: The Trust Factor

I came across two opinion statistics this week that made me wonder where we’re headed. Trust is a huge issue, in my business, public relations, trust is key. I learned, and firmly believe, that image is nothing, reputation is everything.
In the latest American Pulse Survey published by BIGresearch, trust is virtually non-existent for politicians and [...]

Are You The Best? Think Again. . .

With the fiasco going on with Mattel and Chinese-made products in general, it leads me to think about the idea of being the best.
Seth Godin’s most recent book, The Dip, focuses on being the best and I agree that if you’re gonna do something, and you think it’s worth your time to do it, be [...]

More on Integrity

I mentioned previously in my post “Integrity for Sale” that I had heard a great talk on integrity. Well here is the link, it was a talk given by Richard Edgely, and here is another great talk by D. Todd Christofferson.
The need for real Men and increased integrity is even more so today. We’d have [...]

Seth Godin on Marketing and Morality

I am very impressed by this post by marketer Seth Godin. I don’t think it is the end all be all comment on morality in the media industry, but my hat’s off to Seth Godin for taking a stand and reminding marketers of the responsibility they assume in their profession.
I think we have a ways [...]

Little League Baseball and Corporate Ethics

Americans are obsessed with success.
The sad fact is that most of us are oblivious to this reality. Day in and day out we read of corporate executives who bend or blur or flat out erase the lines between what is right and wrong and we say, “That is wrong!” and then we go back to [...]

Learning curve for new media

I have been sitting on this post since the YouTube and DCI Communications hit the fan, but a post today on PR Squared has led me to at least pitch my two cents in.
I think the problem with any new media channel is that we don’t quite know how to use it. Like a new [...]