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Are You The Best? Think Again. . .

With the fiasco going on with Mattel and Chinese-made products in general, it leads me to think about the idea of being the best.
Seth Godin’s most recent book, The Dip, focuses on being the best and I agree that if you’re gonna do something, and you think it’s worth your time to do it, be [...]

Top 10 Searched for Brands of 2006

Hitwise recently released its report of the most searched for brands on the Internet. The report is based upon search terms used across the Internet, excluding porn search terms. The report reflects some interesting data about our Internet use as a worldwide community.

It confirms that the things we search for most are actually on the [...]

A Quick Thought on Branding and Advertising. . .

I saw a video the other day that got me to thinking about what goes into determining packaging for products so as to line up with advertising and branding. There are a lot of aspects that go into this process, but here I will briefly share two schools of thought and then the video. When [...]

Creative Marketing: Jeep

A while back I wrote about what I thought it took to make a good commercial, read it here. Well, I’ve decided to continue the thought as a regular topic.
What I’d like to do is present advertisements and commercials representing various brands and not only post a copy of the ad/commercial but also rate it [...]

Branding: Do your employees walk the walk?

On my way home from a client meeting today, I stopped to get a bite to eat at a Burger King. It was after the lunch rush so the restaurant was pretty quiet, but I have to take my hat off to Chad and the crew at the University Avenue Burger King in Provo, Utah, [...]

Marketing: The Power of Affiliation

It should come as no surprise to marketers and communicators that we as people yearn for a sense of belonging. With that said, it should then come as no surprise that creating this connection between product and consumer through some sort of affiliation can be a super-successful strategy.
This struck me recently as I though about [...]

Learning curve for new media, Part III

As I have written before, here and here, with the continuing evolution of the media, it becomes important for us — as communicators — to figure out how to use all of these new channels and methods.
I am probably one of the last to hear about youtube and the hoax/stunt??? It was brought to [...]

Couric needs branding???

I read an entertaining article today on The Powers That Be about Katie Couric’s debut, solo news show last night on CBS. I missed it as I was at work until almost 7 p.m. Apparently she needs some help with a sign off–as if she needed any more help branding. Maybe she’s vying for a [...]