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Blogging about Blogging

Okay, I think it is good to talk about this — blogging. With recent accusations that the move to user-generated content on the Web is resulting in a less fulfilling experience, I think it only appropriate to give some pointers to the blogosphere and those looking to get into it. Blogging can fill a real [...]

Top 10 Searched for Brands of 2006

Hitwise recently released its report of the most searched for brands on the Internet. The report is based upon search terms used across the Internet, excluding porn search terms. The report reflects some interesting data about our Internet use as a worldwide community.

It confirms that the things we search for most are actually on the [...]

Web 2.0: Still wondering what it is?

I came across this video this morning (blog post here), I think it does a great job of illustrating — not just defining — the concept known as Web 2.0. Why is this important? Good question, if companies, organizations, marketers and communicators don’t figure out Web 2.0 and then find a way to implement it [...]

New Utah Social Networking Site: Meosphere

Connect magazine online is reporting today that Utah entrepreneur Eric Eliason has launched his new venture into the social networking realm, Meosphere.
According to Eliason, Meosphere relies on users’ life experiences through various (read: eventually thousands) of lists that can be commented on and shared. Eliason says, “Everyone loves a list,” how true that is. Eliason [...]

Microsoft Playing Catch Up with Wallop and Zune????

According to an article in the Daily ‘Dog today, Microsoft has launched Wallop, it’s social network answer to Facebook and MySpace.

From Daily ‘Dog: “The new website, called Wallop, is bound to make a splash in the competitive pool of friend-collecting websites. Microsoft’s tagline for the site, which will offer a wide range of tools and [...]

My Linkedin Dilemma . . .

I received a request to add a person to my linkedin account the other day. How this person got my info, I’m not sure, but I don’t know this person.
It turns out that this person writes a blog/column for an industry in which I am very involved. I could link to this person in order [...]

To Digg or not To Digg, A Question of Ethics

I’ve posted a few times about the learning curve of new media channels. Digg is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the Web 2.0 movement. So besides the terms of agreement that we all sign to register. What do you think about “Digg”ing yourself?
A number of people of have commented on using Digg. Read [...]

My Links for 2006-09-17

Tip Sheet: CEO Guide to Technology
C-suite tutorial: how to use Web 2.0.
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Marketing to Kids Where They Live
Marketing 2.0???
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Who’s Harnessing Social Networks?
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Google reignites venture philanthropy – MarketWatch
Way to lead out Google. Who will follow?
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Learning curve for new media, Part III

As I have written before, here and here, with the continuing evolution of the media, it becomes important for us — as communicators — to figure out how to use all of these new channels and methods.
I am probably one of the last to hear about youtube and the lonelygirl15.com hoax/stunt??? It was brought to [...]

Internet Adoption: Podcasting

So you’ve got something to say? Don’t feel like typing? You’d rather let your lips do the walking, that’s fine, but how many people are really going to listen to what you have to say?
As a communicator, I really get a kick out of the new communications channels the Internet has provided, and podcasting is [...]